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Helmut Pollo, age-group 1940, who still assists in the business, goldsmith and engraver since 1954, became freelance with a small workshop in 1966 after having finished his apprenticeship and education as engraver. In 1978 he started his own goldsmith business and workshop Studio Helmut.

In 1985, age-group 1971, Jürgen Pollo started his apprenticeship.
After having completed training school for gold- and silversmiths in
Hall in Tyrol, having passed the trade test with distinction and having
obtained the master craftman's diploma in 1996, he took over
the business in 2005. Since then fancy pieces of jewellery
(according to own design or customer request) as well
as hand-crafted engravings (font and escutcheon)
are manufactured and mendings of any sort
are done at Studio Helmut.